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Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning (Mini-Splits)

Ductless MiniSplits


Mini-Split Heating & Air Conditioning Advantages


Lower Cost Installation

Going ductless doesn't involve going through a major renovation. Fact is, there's very little mess at all!! It is very safe unlike a window unit that can be pushed out and they have access to your home.


Installation Locations

Rooms over the garage that never seem to cool or heat right, home additions, sun-rooms, garages, and offices, are all ideal locations for a mini-split heating and/or cooling system. Mini splits are also being used as the primary heating and cooling source in some houses, schools, office buildings, small apartments, as well as condo's.


Energy Effecient

Up to 30 seer, 10.3 HSPF and 15.6 EER


Extreme Comfort Performance, Year-Round

Heating down to -22 degrees, cooling up to 130 degrees.


Mini-Split by Carrier

Complete Personalized Comfort Control

Enjoy separate comfort settings from the rest of the home or building with individual control.


Energy-Star Qualified Systems Available

Select models are Energy-Star qualified in both heat pump and cooling only systems.


Quiet Operation

Ideal for spaces where people spend a large amount of time and need a low noise level.


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